Welcome to this series of bite-sized professional development sessions, Stepping Back from Stepping In. Such simple words, but when put into practice can be so effective when working with older people to enhance their skills.

The iLA KeepAble team has worked with service providers and Regional Assessment Services to develop content that will assist staff to understand the importance of adopting this way of working, and the pivotal part it plays in enabling older people to stay at home for longer.

These bitesize sessions are designed to be delivered face to face when it best suits the organisation. For example, in a team meeting or during a dedicated training session. The accompanying activities encourage group discussion and problem-solving enhancing the shared learning of participants.

Modules in the series:

What and Why of Wellness and Reablement
The Language of Reablement
Everything you do for me; you take from me (NEW)
Working with Clients and low risk assistive technology

Soon to be released Bitesize modules:

Working with people to achieve their goals

Care Planning and Delivering Reablement Pt. 1

Care Planning and Delivering Reablement Pt. 2

Support worker and elderly lady client
I found these sessions informative and made me more aware of taking the time to allow my clients to try and do more for themselves.

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