4 - 1.4 Lvl5

From induction to service delivery and evaluation, our workforce has a clear understanding of their purpose to improve the lives of older people and overcome barriers to their needs and aspirations through community connection and development. Innovative service delivery is encouraged and supported by the leadership within the organisation at all levels.

How do we measure up?


  •  Evidence in induction documentation and training records of Wellness and Reablement approach language and education.
  •  Meeting agendas, examples of changes made to service delivery to achieve client goals. Staff feedback indicates understanding of Wellness Reablement approach in practice and evidence of involvement in changes to service delivery.
  •  Organisation is committed to recruiting the right people, with the rights skills to achieve the right outcomes;
  •  Position descriptions align to the organisation’s values and provide clear understanding of accountabilities/responsibilities.
  •  A clear understanding of community need is used to inform both operational and strategic plans.